Bar Mat Manufacturer & Supplier

From James Dean to George Clooney, from Hollywood to Bollywood every hero has said that immortal line in a bar “One large whiskey please”. Movies have iconized bars and made the watering hole a staggering presence in a movie scene. Bars have evolved over the years and are now a common meeting ground for the working class and youth alike. People even have a small bar area within the confines of their home.

The Bar the area where people sit around on big stools and order their drinks is what basically gave the drink area its name, granite, alloy, steel, treated wood and even marble have been used to create the sitting area next to the bar tender. These materials are expensive and hard to maintain and thus the invention of BAR MATS to protect the expensive bar area from staining and slippage.

ProGifts offers you a wide range of color coding and printing ideas to choose from while creating your Bar Mats, you name it and we create it. We understand that not just a commercial bar but even a domestic bar needs stain protection and hence we offer a variety of options to choose from as we know that some of you like the bar mat to make a statement and also bring the character out in your bar. Our Bar Mats are highly durable and completely reusable.