Personalized Luggage Tags

Tired of the same old boring luggage and bag tags that can at best be described as stale, sometimes you might even get away with a “ya it’s ok, it just a tag anyway don’t fuss about it”. Well, times have changed and each piece of merchandise that you have is an extension of what you feel and what your personality is like. Your attention to detail is what defines you and thus a small name / address tag is as important as your travel documentation.

ProGifts was among the first ones to realize that tags would one day be a fashion element and has placed itself as a pioneer in manufacturing vibrant and creative luggage, handbag, purse and schoolbag tags. Our luggage tags are durable, long lasting and waterproof.

ProGifts also recognizes that schools now require children to have their bags tagged with the guardians name along with and address and phone number and hence we have a wide range of glitzy, eye catching tags designed especially keeping in mind a child’s creativity and there are different designs keeping in mind the child’s gender. We can also pre-print the tag with names and other details. We can even design a glamorous version of your child’s school ID, so that the child can step out in style.

All our tags are latex free.