Silicone Iron Mats

“Clothes make the man” goes the saying and it stands to this day. However, the clothing has to be crisp i.e. properly ironed. It is a given that smart casuals are the new formals but they need ironing too and Irons these days are a stylish commodity. Gone are the days when you had one dull looking ironing board tucked into a corner with an equally dull, if not worse looking iron staring back at you disdainfully. Ironing boards and Irons are character defining members of your household and are more trendy and chic than the hottest clothing trend. An Iron in the 21st century comes in varying shapes and sizes with an aura of its own, coated with mesmerizing colors.

ProGifts has on offer a plethora of options to place your Steam or normal Iron, the Silicone Iron mat can be molded into any style and shape that you desire and as far as colors go, pick anything from the rainbow and we shall add it to the mat.

All our Silicone Iron Mats are latex free and made from completely reusable silicone.