Silicone Keychains

There was a time when a keychain was a simple ring with a piece attached to it so you could carry around your keys. The only purpose it served was to look clunky and keep your keys in one ring for reminders sake. In the 21st Century the keychain is a style statement; it embodies your entire personality, it serves to declare the world your thoughts and is a symbol of what you would like to say. We at ProGifts understand that it also serves as a memento for events, a commemorative date reminder, a campaign symbol, a charity and fundraiser membership/attendee symbol , a sales and marketing pitch and most of all it is still the best piece to keep your keys together while telling the world who you are once you take it out.

ProGifts offers you a wide range of keychain making solutions with the ability to print, emboss or stamp anything on the light weight and easy to handle recyclable Silicone Keychains. Your keychain wish is our command and we always deliver.

All our Silicone Keychains are latex free and made from completely reusable silicone.