Silicone Labels

In the not so distant past if you wanted something labeled you needed to take the product that needed labeling to the label manufacturer and stay his mercy for the number of days it took for the labeling to be done or you bought the labels and then pasted them on to the product by adhesive or stitched it on. Either way, the cost of pasting, stitching and even stamping would be exorbitant and your product cost would go through the roof. This reduced margins while driving up costs.

ProGifts with its state of the art modern labeling machinery allows you the luxury of sending us your designed label and have the label delivered at your doorstep. No hassles and no worries all you have is a big smile. We offer the best in class durable and long lasting Silicone Labels with excellent adhesive strength which are easy to apply. If you do not have a design we shall make one for you and at prices that are a steal.

All our Silicone Labels are latex free and recyclable.