Silicone Utensils Hot Mats

The kitchen is a zone of activity and serenity, every meal cooked is a replica of the love of the person cooking it and the kitchen counter is a sacred place. It handles everything from spillage, to water and drinks dropping on it and even oil stains or food just falling right over it. However a hot pan or utensil is what can ruin the most precious kitchen counter with a stain and set you off by a lot of money in polish and repairs.

ProGifts offers you the most attractive prices on Silicone Hot Mats so that the most pristine of places in the house stays so. The multi-purpose mats can be used to hold hot items too, you can even place them on your dining table as the bright cheerful colors we offer are sure to brighten up your mood. The mats are resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius. The mats can also be folded to hold hot frying pans and rolled to place them in a storage area.

All our Silicone Utensils Hot Mats are latex free and made from completely reusable silicone.